How Do I Draw Fake Wrinkles On My Face?

For a play that I am in, I need to look old and I’m in charge of my own hair and makeup. I need to draw fake wrinkles on my face but I have no idea how. Does anybody have any tips or a website or something? I am desperate! I tried just doing it and it look like I was a zombie or something.

Like LR89 said, use eyeliner to draw in the wrinkles.…
You can even go further than that. You can draw fairly dark lines on your face that look silly up close, but since the audience is far away it will look convincing.

5 thoughts on “How Do I Draw Fake Wrinkles On My Face?

  1. If you are looking for home remedy to reduce wrinkles, try this.
    Smear honey on your face and leave it for as long as possible (but 5-10mins a day will do). then rinse off with tepid water mixed with a teaspoon of cider vinegar – this has a neutral pH and will act as a toner.
    And if you have some bucks, Lifecell anti wrinkle cream would be a good choice. You can have more information here.

  2. Make a variety of faces (angry, sad, smiling, and yelling, etc.) Draw lines with makeup where you see your skin crinkling. That is where your wrinkles will be later in life, so the placement will be convincing. (Eg “crow’s feet” by your eyes, deep grooves for smile lines and frown lines, etc.)

  3. When we were in drama club in school and we needed to look old, we made “wrinkles” with rubber cement…you know that clear stuff that holds something onto something else that stretches?…You can put a little on your skin and squeeze it together ( you can do scars like this too), and when you are finished, it peels off…Eyelash glue works well too around the eyes, and again, peels off.

  4. Because of the lighting, wear lots of powder on your skin and then eyeliner around your eyes so people can see your features and expression. Then use a dark brown eyeliner to fill in all the lines that crinkle when you smile, wince, look surprised etc.
    Look at the lines that form around your eyes, mouth and on your forehead. Using a greyish powder to very very lightly highlight areas like the hollows under the cheek bones will help too.

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